• The rich minerals contained providers the perfect completion to skin, restore skin's natural moisture and help to improve the skin healing.
  • Unique formulation for advanced skin treatment such as soothing, moisturizing, nourishing and maximize skin pH balancing.
  • Rich application feeling and fast absorption.
  • To help to regenerate the dry and damaged skin.

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KIT / 구성품

  • Activating Solution Toner

  • EQ+ Serum A
  • Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel
  • EQ+ Serum Q
  • EQ+ Premium Formular
  • Postrase Repairing Cream
  • Retexturizing Cream


Night Time

1. Activating Solution Toner

2. EQ+ Serum A

3. Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

4. EQ+ Premium Formula

5. Retexturizing Cream - 1 time every 2 days by skin condition

APPLY AS BELOW / 아래의 순서대로 바릅니다.

Day Time

1. Activating Solution Toner

2. Hhydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

3. EQ+ Serum Q

4. EQ+ Premium Formular

5. Postrase Repairing Cream

6. Sun Cream

Activation Solution Toner.png

Activating Solution Toner

Activating Solution Toner is formulated to treat the aging, fair and irritated skin. It helps to regenerate the aging, damaged skin and to activate the skin rejuvenation.


for Aging & Fair skin


Serum C.png

EQ+ Serum C

EQ+ SerumC is formulated by unique technology with high-concentrated stabilized
Vitamin C derivative with MAP(Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) and Natural minerals of
Dead Sea Salts. It improves the to make the skin bright and elastic.

15 ml

for Whitening & Brightness


Serum Q.png

EQ+ Serum Q

Make the skin bright and light by skin pH balance moisturizing by Hyaluronic Acid and by multi formulation of vitamin A,E and C derivative.

50 ml

for All skin types


Premium Formula.png

Premium Formula

High concentrated serum based on active ingredients of natural Minerals, EGCG and Magnesium lon help to make the skin bright and elastic.

60 ml

for Aging & Rejuvenation


Soothing Aqua Gel.png

Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel

EQ+ Hydrocomplex Soothing Aqua Gel is formulated by unique technology with natural plants extracts 21 kinds of rich natural minerals of Dead Sea Salts. and It has the excellent functions for soothing, moisturizing and pH balancing all skin type.

75 g

for All skin types